Ruds Shaves - Highland Springs Soap Co. - Eclipse

Highland Springs Soap Co. is an artisan based in Cranbrook, British Columbia. The brand is run by Mary and Chris Troniak. Mary is a chemist by profession and uses her expertise to delivery skin beneficial recipes in shaving soap, handmade soap and personal care products. HSSC will release their tallow based soap to the wet shaving masses, tomorrow, December 13, 2019. To make this even more special, this soap was collaborated with Australian Private Reserve, who design the scent for the grand release. Highland Springs Soap Co. can be purchased direct from their website, West Coast Shaving and Stone Field Shaving Co..

Eclipse is a leathery, musky fragrance by design. Featuring notes of; bergamot, dried fig, carnation, mimosa, cedarwood, cocoa, white rum, blond tobacco, Russian leather, narcissus, pink pepper, geranium, lavender, benzoin, sandalwood, civet, oud, amyris, cistus and black musk, the scent is animalic, but inviting. This masculine accord is well suited for the cold months that lie ahead. Mrs. Ruds is neutral on this scent. Strength of scent is mid-strong out of the container and remains as such once lathered. Try That Soap recommends Zoologist Perfumes /Chiseled Face Civet as a comparable scent profile.

Highland Springs Soap Co. tallow soap base is a very soft formulation, much like a croap. Ingredients are listed as: Beef Tallow, Stearic Acid, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Parfum, Hydrolyzed Silk Peptides (Silk Peptide), Tocopherol. This is a thirsty tallow base that demands hydration. When properly hydrated the lather takes on the consistency of sour cream. Slickness is elite in terms of primary slickness and very good in terms of residual slickness. The post shave attributes of this base are excellent. My skin was left well hydrated with a silky feeling after the rinse. The ShaveScore for Highland Springs Soap Co. tallow is a 95. For similar performance in a soap base, I suggest First Line Shave.

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  • Soap - Highland Springs Soap Co. Eclipse (promotional gift)
  • Brush - Turn-N-Shave “Tusk” (purchased)
  • Razor - Karve Shaving Co. Aluminum Christopher Bradley (promotional gift)
  • Post - Catie’s Bubbles Lantern Hill (purchased)