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Talbot Shaving is set to release their next scent, Authors Ridge, from West Coast Shaving on September 29, 2019 at 18:55 Eastern time. This is Talbot Shavings most personal project to date. It pays homage to the Authors Ridge area of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, MA. Chad has always been fascinated by the great authors who happen to be laid to rest there, like Emerson, Thoreau, The Alcotts and Hawthorne. With every soap purchased, Talbot Shaving donates a portion of each sale in support of the Trust for Public Land. This organization aims to protect and restore recreational land from neighborhood parks to national parks. For more information visit:

Authors Ridge is the embodiment of early Autumn as interpreted by the scents creator. Dry leaves, fallen weeks before, open with a dusty, soft kiss. Herbaceous bush notes roll into the mix and yield a palatable dry dankness next. Encompassing the entire accord is the dark and spicy natural notes of coniferous and bunchgrass. The idea of life and death, the changing of the temperatures and the changing of daylight hours all are represented in this fragrance. It is perfect for the cool weather months that lie ahead. Mrs. Ruds does not approve of this scent at all. It is too earthy for her. Strength of scent is mid-strong off the container and remains that way through the shave. Try That Soap recommends Phoenix & Beau Baskerville as a comparable scent profile.

Talbot Shaving uses a tallow based soap featuring a skin rich ingredients list of: stearic acid, tallow, water, shea butter, potassium hydroxide, castor oil, fragrance, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, lanolin, palm kernel oil, marshmallow root, babassu oil, meadowfoam oil and tussah silk. The soap base is on the firmer side of soap bases. It likes to be pampered with lots of water. When properly dialed in the lather looks like a plain Greek yogurt with the same dense feel and wonderful sheen. The slickness both primary and residual is the best in the business in my experience. Equally as impressive is the post shave, an elite level post shave as it leaves the skin feeling moisturized and supple. Based on the experience and several shaves, the ShaveScore for it is a 97. Other comparable soap bases in terms of performance are Barrister and Mann and Ariana & Evans.

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  • Soap - Talbot Shaving Authors Ridge (promotional gift)
  • Brush -​ Turn-N-Shave “Piano” (purchased)
  • Razor - RazoRock Lupo (loaner)
  • Post - Maol Grooming Authors Ridge (promotional gift)