How does it work?

Every collection has a specific scent profile. When you rate the collection, your personal scent profile is updated accordingly. Your personal scent profile is then compared to every other collection in the database and a recommendation is created. Recommendations are generated algorithmically and are only influenced by your scent profile and the collection's scent breakdown.

Does this cost anything to use?

Nope, nor will it. Some "Where to buy" links found on the product pages may be affiliate links, in which Try That Soap would receive a percentage of the sale if you were to click the link and purchase something. These links are clearly marked with asterisk(*) and have a disclaimer. If you'd like to use these links to support Try That Soap, great, but the presence of these links has absolutely no effect on any recommendations or any other functionality found on this site.

What exactly am I rating?

The focus of this tool is scent. Most of the artisan shaving products are of such high quality, that you can't really go wrong with any of them in terms of performance. For best results, rate the collection solely on it's scent.

Your rating is on a scale of 0.00 to 5.00, with 0.00 being the worst thing you ever smelled and 5.00 being you'll die happy if it's the last thing you ever smell. You can use up to 2 decimal points in your rating.

How did Try That Soap come about?

When I first started wetshaving, I was completely overwhelmed with all the different soaps and scents that were out there. I recognized common scents like orange, vanilla, and cedar, but I had no idea what stuff like bergamot, vetiver, and ambergris were, let alone what they smelled like. This left me pouring over hundreds of scent descriptions trying to find one that sounds like something I might like, and ultimately blind buying soaps. After seeing daily posts in the wetshaving subreddit asking for recommendations, I figured I'd try my hand at a recommendation tool that only requires you be able to give a simple 0-5 score to a soap you've tried. The tool does the rest of the work.

I haven't rated anything that has <insert scent> in it. Does this mean I won't get a recommendation for collections with that scent in it?

Hopefully not! Scents are grouped into categories, so if you haven't rated anything with a particular scent, the tool will come up with something based off of your rating of other scents in that category. If you don't have a rating for ANY scents in a particular category, it will score that scent a zero in the calculation.

Why is my recommendation different than my actual rating?

Your recommendation is based off of your personal scent profile in relation to the collection's scent profile. Your personal scent profile is made up of every collection you've rated thus far, including the collection you just rated. If you've typically rated citrus scents low, but you rated this particular citrus scent as the best thing ever, it will boost your citrus score, but it probably won't be enough to bring your citrus score in line with the outlier rating.

I don't see a product I've tried listed. How do I get it added?

You can submit new products via the product submission form.

What do the various "Production Status" and "Release Type" Categories found on the product pages mean?

Production Status:
Active - Product is actively made available by the creator.
Discontinued - Product has been discontinued with no plans to bring it back.
Out of Production - Product is not currently being made, but hasn't necessarily been discontinued. This will typically be your seasonal products.
Coming Soon - Product has not been released yet.

Release Type:
Standard - Product is a staple in the product line and should be in production for the forseeable future.
Limited Edition - Product will have limited availability and usually be a one time run.
Seasonal - Product is only produced during the applicable season.

How can I support Try That Soap?

Right now, the biggest help is spreading the word. Think Try That Soap is awesome? Let people know so that they can enjoy the awesomeness as well. The more people using the site, the more feedback/data we have to make improvements.

Likewise, if you see areas for improvement, let us know! We've tried to account for many use cases, but there undoubtedly things we haven't thought of or missed. Let us know!