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If alpine glaciers could choose what they could smell like, it’d be like this. Prominent notes of peppermint set the scent off and are bolstered by the combination of the stimulating and clearing effects of mentha piperita derived menthol crystals, blue gum eucalyptus and white camphor. Denali produces a fantastic, creepingly cold and sensory juddering shave. One for the warmer months or climbs, for sure.

By introducing menthol crystals to our base soap formula we note that the lathers plasticity increases and as such you might wish to use a touch more water. Also, we have found that warm to hot water works best for lather building. If you're feeling particularly brave why not enjoy a shave where the only warm water you use is to build your lather. Cold water passes and a post shave splash will accentuate the freeze many fold! Please note that in terms of scent strength we place Denali towards the lighter side of middle.

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Stearic acid, beef tallow, castor oil, vegetable glycerin, unrefined shea butter, lanolin, distilled water, organic coconut milk, tussah silk, allantoin, vitamin-e, safflower oil, essential oils, menthol crystals and potassium hydroxide.

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