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Scents in PURE

Introducing PURE by House of Mammoth. A fragrance so clean, you can breathe it.

How did we accomplish this stunning feat of audacious energy?

We start with high-quality sequential oils, all-natural fabsolutes, and organic tulip proteins, all responsibly-farmed. This means your bottle is responsible for destroying lots of plants, which is good for the planet.

That’s only the first step. We know your skin deserves only the PUREst fragrance, so we apply the PUREify treatment to make PURE truly fragrance-free, til all that remains of the fragrance is the perfumer’s thoughts.

What’s left is PURE perfumer’s alcohol, the truest essence of transparency in fragrance, an ephemeral material that allows the artist’s vision to shine.

Sounds good right? Maybe by your plebeian standards, but not ours. No, our commitment to the PUREst vision is unwavering. Each hand-poured bottle of PURE is sun-processed uncapped until nothing remains in your bottle but the PUREst essence of light, air, and good vibes.

Note: For a small fee, you can request that your bottle of PURE receive our DEVOID treatment, a proprietary vacuum method which ensures maximum PUREity. Absolutely nothing remains in the bottle, an apt metaphor. Metaphors are meaningful.


We are confident that PURE is the only product on the market that has ZERO toxins, collard greens, paragons, BHTs, or STDs. ZERO chemicals, ZERO dust mites, and ZERO contents.

It’s not perfumey (or perfume). It’s not overly masculine, feminine, or bedouin. And best of all, it arrives completely evaporated so you’ll never run out.

It’s microcosmic, hyaloid, excogitative, with a touch of bohemian intrigue. It’s PURE.


PURE perfumer’s alcohol