Scented with pink pepper, orange blossom, cloves, chestnut, guaiac wood, juniper, vanilla, balsam, & cashmeran This scent has a matching aftershave splash and coordinating brush from Heritage Collection. The heart of Strike Gold Shave is public service. From years in the public sphere to to the service of wet shaving, Frank has been committed to people. Strike Gold even takes this public service mantra into their marketing and motto. So, "shave like a president" with Strike Gold.

The soap base is Strike Gold Shaving's new goats milk tallow blend known as the "patriot base."

Description from the Vendor

Fireside chat was a series of radio broadcasts made by President Franklin Roosevelt to the nation beginning in 1933.


Stearic acid, tallow, goat milk, water, shea butter, kokum butter, potassium hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, fragrance, castor oil, glycerin.