Freyja's Magic - Thor's Hammer - Aftershave image

For the true Viking, a modern version of a timeless classic. The scent of the seafarer and the warrior, from a time when men were men.

Men of today care about what they put on their faces. Our bay rum aftershave is all-natural with no artificial colors or fragrances. The fresh, spicy aroma and golden color come from real orange zest and cinnamon sticks infused in rum and scented by West Indies Bay. Each batch is handmade and aged to perfection. Splash on after shaving for a cool, refreshing feel, leaving you smelling great - like a man! Spicy, refreshing, cooling, soothing, toning. Handcrafted in Whitefish, MT.


Grain alcohol infused with organic heirloom orange zest, cinnamon, cloves & allspice, witch hazel, West Indies bay oil & pure essential oils.