In West Egg, the boundless optimism of new money and post-war exuberance are exemplified by the endlessly popping champagne bottles in the opulent mansion of Jay Gatsby. This effervescence and joie de vivre are captured in the champagne accord of West Egg. It combines a white grape note with the sparkling aldehydes that were so common in perfumery during the Roaring 20s along with fruity notes and oakwood extract to give the notes of a fully matured bottle of champagne. Each use of West Egg represents a luxurious and uplifting feeling in the same way that a sip of fine champagne can make you feel that the perfect night will last forever.

In the eau de parfum, the champagne accord is blended with a traditional fougère base that is a modified version of a base that we have been developing for a future project. It contains the types of elements that were so often found in the types of aftershave colognes that the men of that time would wear: deep and rich oakmoss, coumarin and leathery musks offset by minty floral notes and black currant. It is a fragrance that is both very much of its time and also utterly timeless.

Notes: Champagne, geranium, black currant bud, bergamot, lavender, helichrysum, orris, sandalwood, oakmoss, coumarin, musk

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