Talbot Shaving
Double Trouble

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Double Trouble is an ode to Bill.

Bill lived through the Great Depression and was all the stronger for it.
He was a WWII pilot so he could serve his country as well as see the world, one of his planes being a B-25 dubbed “Double Trouble”.
Bill was full of heart and always a believer in something bigger than himself.
Quick witted and a master storyteller, he was quite a character.
A family man and an avid sailor, Bill was someone you could always depend on.
To leave this world a better place than before you were here. To live a life to be proud of. That’s what he taught, by how he lived his. A man who lived by example, not empty words.

Double Trouble needed to reflect Bill. The name not only honors the plane he flew, but is a testament to the man himself. A war experienced, yet caring and adventurous man who loved deeply.

The scent: masculine, simple on the surface, yet a bit more complex underneath. Something that doesn’t demand attention, but if you give it a moment, you’ll understand it.

Leather and motor oil give us a feel for the adventures Bill had in the war. Cedar honors his steadfastness in times of comfort and war. Coffee, a toast to the richness life can bring through family and loved ones. And finally, a touch of rose rounds out the scent just as his wife, Kathryn Rose, rounded out the honorable man we pay tribute to.

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Stearic acid, tallow, water, Shea Butter, potassium hydroxide, castor oil, fragrance, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, lanolin, palm kernel oil, marshmallow root, babbasu oil, meadowfoam oil, tussah silk.

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