"Mental Health Awareness Matters"

Scott from Declaration Grooming made an announcement via live streams (Instagram) (Facebook), and he started with the title of this post: “Mental health awareness matters”. To that end, he's running 2 fundraising events to raise money for mental health-related charity.

Project ; is/was the intended recipient of all proceeds, but now The Jed Foundation is also included. Both organizations promote mental/emotional health.

1) Declaration Semicolon Soap and Aftershave

Scent created by Shawn of Chatillon Lux and graciously donated for the charity. The scent is of fresh laundry with lavender. 100% of profit going to charity

2) Raffles for charity

Starting on Monday, July 27th and ending Tuesday July 28th

Unlimited $1 spots for all the prizes in one pool (winners choice of prize, then second, etc. Max 1 prize per person)

Raffles will be administered by Ben from Mammoth Soaps (more info to be added)

Prizes include:

  • B1 and B2 Declaration Brushes - the last of each of these knots ever. The back-up emergency last supply of these two batches will go into these two brushes, in one-off blue/white/dank swirled Declaration handles
  • B10 knots - this will likely be the first release of the new batch. Since there's still a good amount of B9A remaining, these B10 knots will be the only B10 in circulation for some time
  • Dogwood Behemoth - a 75mm Brush
  • Dogwood Jurassic - the one-of-a-kind 2-bug Jurassic with authentic Crane Fly Sex captured in amber resin... and it will be knitted with a Declaration
  • Dogwood Brush-in-a-brush aka Brushception - yo dawg, we heard you like shave brushes...
  • Wolf Whiskers Brush knotted with a Declaration Knot

Big shout out to Scott (Declaration Grooming), Shawn (Chatillon Lux), Stephen (Dogwood Handcrafys), Ben (Mammoth Soaps), and Peter (Wolf Whiskers) for heading off a charity for a great cause!