Patreon Update
Patreon Update - 2020-05-25 14:07:22+00:00 image

We have made some updates to our Patreon tiers, notably increasing some of the benefits. For those that were not aware, we created a Patreon page for people that wish to support the site monetarily. THIS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and has no effect on site tools, functionality, or availability. Recommendations, Shave of the Day tooling, Dens, and Wishlists will always be FREE!

That said, we have updated our tiers as follows:

Arko Aficionado:

  • No change. The sweet Patron Supporter icon on your profile still doesn't do anything.

Humble Hobbyist:

  • Now includes a complete sticker pack, including a black and white die cut sticker, a holographic die cut sticker, and a black and white magnet. (all approximately 3").

Clandestine Chest Latherer:

  • In addition to previous rewards, this tier now includes a featured product of your choice for every month of support. This product will be shown on the home page of Try That Soap for a one week period. While this tier is primarily geared towards artisans looking promote their products, passionate fans looking to hype their favorite products are also welcome. Due to limited availability, this tier is restricted to 16 Patrons.

As always, thank you everyone for your support. I'd like to reiterate that this is completely optional and is not a requirement to use the site or to create a FREE account. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there are any questions!