Try That Soap featured on Lather Talk Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of joining Jon and Gerard from the Lather Talk Podcast to discuss Acquisition Disorder. Check it out!

Lather Talk #011: This week we have a roundtable discussion on Acquisition Disorder, with special guests Alex, founder of and returning guest and friend Ross from West Coast Shaving's The Daily Shave series.

It's a cycle you find in many hobbies: with great enthusiasm comes the desire to try as much as you can, whether it be soaps, brushes, razors, you name it. Alex, in part, created to be a database that compiles artisan soaps and their scent profiles, and try to help wet shavers hone in on scents they are likely to enjoy, based upon their personal ratings.

Hopefully our discussion can help you, wherever you are on your own wet shaving journey!

You can find a list of links to listen to the podcast here.